Mekeva Miller is the founder and CEO of Worldwide Hustle. A serial entrepreneur with interests in real estate, travel and tourism, fashion and beauty, bath and body; Mekeva uses the skills and resources from these businesses for philanthropic giving that supports the community and helps other women business owners grow and thrive. Recognizing the need to provide support for these ambitions, Mekeva also founded Int’l Boss Lady, an empowering resource center to build women to be Mistresses of their Own Destinies – business owners, leaders, entrepre-DO-ers!

The need for education, support, and resources were drummed into Mekeva’s heart and soul through various challenges – professional and personal. Her warm smile and caring heart are the result of a close relationship with the Lord born through adversity that included domestic violence and homelessness. A young mother at 18, Mekeva was the primary bread winner as she raised her children and battled through an abusive relationship. While working full time as an instructional assistant to the severly disabled, she mastered several trades and turned them into thriving businesses that include cosmetology, real estate agent, and travel. Mekeva’s creativity and innovation were lifelines during dark times, and she used them to create a bath and body product line, as well as pursue her education, obtaining a certificate in Marine Biology and Computer Science from California State University – Dominguez, working toward an Associates degree in Business Administration at El Camino Community College, and graduating from the Jewell Jackson McCabe Emerging Leaders Institute women’s training and development organization. All of this while raising five children (that included serving as a cheer mom and as the PR manager for the Junior All American Youth Football league for six years) and battling through domestic abuse.

It is these experiences that opened Mekeva’s eyes to the need for the Int’l Boss Lady, a movement that encompasses an elite society of creative, strong, successful women from all over the world without regard to status or education. An organization of warm, nurturing support that also provides mentorship and business development resources.

Now an empty nester who focuses on other ways to give back to the community, Mekeva is a proud sponsor and supporter of the Miss Compton pageant that empowers teen girls to know their worth and Bad Rap, a non-profit that educates and brings awareness to the loving qualities of Pit Bulls. Mekeva is also an avid sports fan who loves volunteering with LA Kiss Arena Football, cooking, is an extreme holiday decorator, and cannot leave any function without hitting the dance floor at least one time.